CCE Report Card Generation Software from Applane EI

January 27, 2010

CCE Report Card

CCE Report Card

CCE Report Card Generation Software as per CBSE Prescribed Format

As you might be aware that CBSE has released new guidelines for evaluation of the students for secondary classes. We, at Daffodil Software Ltd. are happy to help you in migrating/updating to the prescribed formats with minimal efforts; by using Applane EI. CCE  Report Card Generation Module of Applane EI enables schools in comprehensive and continuous evaluation of students by providing various analysis reports, some of which are:

  • Latest CCE Card with Student Login to view and download the Report Card
  • Term Progress Report Card (as prescribed by CBSE)
  • Consolidated Class Performance Report (Green Sheet)
  • Examination Analysis Reports


  • Individual Student/Parent Login on the school website to view Exam, Attendance and Health Reports, etc.
  • According to Latest CBSE CCE pattern
  • No need for teachers to maintain separate student file and portfolio
  • Saves teachers time by 80% and teachers workload reduces by 95%
  • No calculations required i.e. percentile, FA1+FA2… , SA1+SA2 etc. All calculations are

done automatically.

  • Automatic report card generation
  • Multiple observations in FA’s and Skills possible i.e. Debate and Speech in FA3 and
  • automatic average of the same.
  • Question Bank, as per CBSE circulars
  • Automatic question paper generation
  • Report card based on CBSE model report cards.
  • Cumulative report card for IX and X could be printed.
  • Multiple descriptive indicators shall be automatically converted to single grade
  • CCE workshop and well-planned training for 2 days
  • Student Information System with option of sending SMS to parents
  • Health Module to record health details of the student
  • Attendance Module for marking attendance of the students with absent student SMS alerts and monthly attendance register and various attendance analysis reports

We look forward to a meeting with you to demonstrate the solution and discuss its applicability to your school.

Ashish Jain

Sr. Manager Marketing

+91 9310535028, 9911191291